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About Us

Just as computers and the internet changed the way we work and play, so too will robotics for future generations.

The way we live has evolved in line with changes in computer and internet technology. The most significant change was when accessibility and convinence of information occured with the release of the application driven touchscreen smartphone.

Robotics are not yet as intuitive and indispensable as a touchscreen smartphone and we can’t predict how robotics will evolve to integrate them into our everyday lives, however we do know it will take more than engineers to get there.

In addition to robotic engineers we will need, specialists that will design how robots should interact with people, artists that will make robots friendly and easy to use and managers that understand how all these new roles and careers can work together to build a brighter future.

And it will all start with a spark of interest and an opporunity to learn. If we can provide a service that enables you, your parents or relatives to rent or buy a robot kit and help you learn the basics, then maybe we will have contributed to helping you make that first step towards creating the next evolutionary step in the way we all will live.

Our Company

First established in 2010 under the name RoboteShop, our original goal was providing support to a wide range of robot products imported from Japan, Korea and other parts of the world. Later developing training services for schools and corporations under the name RoboHaus.

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Our Team

We are a wife and husband team that have been delivering robotic services to schools, corporations and the public for over a decade.

RoboHaus Yuchun

Yuchun Gruber


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Michael Gruber


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